Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports played on ice. The game is usually played in an ice rink with two teams of skaters trying to shoot a vulcanized rubber into each other's goal post. Each team has six different players with 5 different skaters, which are divided into forwards and defensemen, and one goaltender. However, a standard ice hockey team may consist of up to 20 players in their roaster. The ice hockey game is very interesting and it is very popular in North America, most especially, Canada as well as some other European countries. In addition to that, there are other aspects of the ice hockey game such as the fights that can happen during the game.

History of the Team

In the ice hockey world, you will find a wide range of top teams competing to be the best ice hockey sports team. Since the 19th century when the sport was believed to have started, there has been a host of teams join the sport. One of the numerous teams in the ice hockey sport is the Aquile F.V.G, which is an Italian team currently playing in the Serie A league, and its home games are played at the PalaVuerich arena. The team is the major ice hockey pro team in Pontebba, which is a municipality in Italy. From the start, the team has been packed with a lot of incredible players that fans have loved to watch and even idolized.

All About the Team

The Aquile team is also called the Aquile Friuli-Venezia Giulia. They are the Pontebba region's flagship team in the Italian Serie A Ice Hockey professional league. In addition to that, the team is associated with the Sport Ghiaccio Pontebba, which is a renowned sports society in Italy. In the Serie A league, the team plays all its home game in the PalaVuerich arena, which is also located in the Pontebba region as well. Since the team was created, the fan base has grown and many people, who are fans of ice hockey in and outside the region have continued to choose this team as their favourite ice hockey team in the Italian league. The team is also notable for some achievement.

What's More

Since the team was created, they have received some impressive achievement, however, the most notable among all is the Serie A Championship, which they won in 2008. In that year, the team was at the peak of their game that they were able to increase their popularity across the country and even outside the country. However, after the championship victory, the team didn't have any notable achievements, and the club's popularity began to dip. In the 2013/2014 playouts against Fassa, the team were relegated to the Serie A2 after losing 4 - 0 in the playout series. With that relegation, it marked the end of their 7-seasons run in the Serie A league, which is also the end of their stay in the Serie A.

Additional Tips and Final Verdict

Ă€fter an unsuccessful attempt to stay in the Serie A league, the team decided to move to an Austrian Regional League, which is known as Kaertner Liga. Together with Aquile FVG, there is another Italian ice hockey team in the league. In addition to that, the Slovenian Miha Zbonta was named the new Head Coach after the switch. As it stands, the club has ceased to exist after a bad run of years as well as financial problems. However, the team's championship-winning season will never be forgotten in a short time. We can only hope the club comes back to professional ice hockey competition and give a rerun or something better than their the season they won the Serie A league title.

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